How to use the Apollo Protocol Dashboard (part 1):


  1. Go to Uniswap -> Pool and add liquidity to AOX + USDC

2. Go to Click “Liquidity” and click “CONNECT WALLETclick “DEPOSITclick “STAKE

3. Wait 144 epochs then click “CLAIM


  1. Go to Click “Locker” and “CONNECT WALLETclick “DEPOSITclick “PERMALOCK” (NOTE: doing this will permanently lock your AOX tokens and you cannot recover them)
OPTIONAL: Every 30 minute epoch you may click “COMPOUND” (NOTE: doing this will cost gas fees AND will permanently lock your current rewards and you cannot recover them).

2. Wait 192 epochs then click “CLAIM




Solving Blockchain's Biggest Problems

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Apollo Protocol

Apollo Protocol

Solving Blockchain's Biggest Problems

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